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Gameloft holds Father’s day sale. All HD games are buy-one-get-one free. UK only though.

We really don’t know what the deal is with Gameloft sometimes but half of their sales, if not more, are strictly for UK residents. No disrespect to our UK readers but we like sales too! It’s alright though because you lucky guys and girls in the UK got a nice deal going on.

Gameloft is holding a Fathers Day sale where all games are buy one, get one for free for UK residents. With all the new games that have recently come out, this is a good opportunity to save a few bucks and buy a game while getting a second one for free. This sale applies to all Android HD games so you have plenty to choose from. For all you non-UK residents, if you want to take advantage of the sale, you will have to spoof your carrier which can be a bit of a pain to do. However, if you really want one of those Gameloft games, it is possible.

On a side note, Order & Chaos for Android is still listed as coming soon with no actual time frame being mentioned. You can take advantage of the sale by heading over to the Gameloft Store using your mobile browser.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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