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Amazon free game today – June 23rd: Kona’s Crate – A solid physics platformer racing game.

Amazon’s App Store has a new game for free today called Kona’s Crate. This is a physics-based platform racing game which HD-quality graphics and some really addictive gameplay. Sometimes being a delivery boy (or girl) can be a lot of fun as this game shows.

You’re job in this game is to deliver a crate to Chief Kona who tends to be rather impatient and generally short tempered as well. Kona’s Crate blends physics-based gameplay with that of a platformer and racing game, albeit you’re racing against time.


  • Engaging, physics-based gameplay
  • 3 campaigns featuring 60+ levels
  • HD-quality graphics
  • Global OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements
  • Challenge your friends and post your scores to Facebook and Twitter



Kona’s Crate is a unique game and the entire title is pretty addicting to play. You will be delivering Kona’s crate on a jet-powered platform which you will be controlling the thrust of the jets using your thumbs. To add to the challenge though, aside from dodging obstacles and making your delivery on time, you also have to worry about not tilting your delivery platform too far to one side or the other. If you do, you will drop your package and Kona will be not so happy about that.

Currently Kona’s Crate is free today on the Amazon App Store but should you miss out on grabbing this fun new game today, you can still pick it up for $2.99.

On an interesting side note: This was published by Indie Pub which is actually a community of indie developers, not just an indie studio. It will be interesting to see what other games they decide to publish in the future. Kona’s Crate was developed by Darkwind Media. You can read a great Q&A with them over on Indie Pub.

Edit: Kona’s Crate will be coming to the Android Market on June 30th. Thanks for pointing that out Mark!

Developer Website: Indie Pub (Publisher)

Amazon Market Link: Kona’s Crate

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