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ngmoco bringing another iOS hit to Android called Pocket Frogs soon.

Well ngmoco last year stated that they would be planning to expand into Android and so far it seems like they are going to come out in full force. Today we have a second announcement from the ngmoco camp regarding another hit iOS game making it’s way to Android called Pocket Frogs.

Similar to games like Tap Fish, Pocket Frog is your frog breeding ground in your pocket. You will be able to raise, breed and become unnaturally attached to your digital frogs. In fact, you will have over 15,000 different and unique frogs to raise as your own. You can collect as many as you like, although 15,000 frogs in your pocket can be a bit messy. Another feature of the game is that you will be able to customize your frogs habitats so they can have better living conditions then yourself in real life.


Once you are all set up, you can explore their ponds and find rewards and rare items to help decorate their home and you can also visit your friend’s frog ponds as well just so you know what you need to do to make yours better than theirs.

The game was developed by nimbleBits and has been ported over using Mobage which is ngmoco’s game engine, supported through DeNA which bought ngmoco last year for a good stack of cash. Unfortunately there isn’t an exact time as to when this will hit the Android Market just yet. Considering ngmoco’s double announcement of games today, what other games would you like to see them release onto Android?

Developer Website: ngmoco

Website Referenced: AndroidCentral

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