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Amazon free game today – June 28th: Apparatus – a great creative physics game

Amazon’s App Store for Android today has a great game up for free called Apparatus. Currently we are in the middle of reviewing it ourselves but we can say this about the game already: It’s creative and it’s fun. The only thing stopping you in this game is your own imagination really.

Well, your imagination and the laws of physics that is. The point of the game is that you can build complex machines and devices in order to do simple tasks. Essentially it is like being able to build your own Rube Goldberg machine on your Android device.


  • Play this addictive, physics-based construction game on your Android device
  • Build a machine that sends your marble rolling toward its goal
  • Choose from materials like wooden planks, wheels, batteries, ropes, and motors
  • Be creative as you mastermind Rube Goldberg-like gadgets
  • Share your creations and test your skills on other players’ machines



There are two ways to play, you can choose to complete levels that get more challenging as you progress or you can break out into freestyle mode and build whatever you like to do whatever simple task you want your machine to do. One really great feature to this game though is the community involvement that comes with it. If you make some crazy machine in freestyle mode or complete a level, then go into freestyle mode and make it even better, you can share it with the community that comes in-game. Your level will be uploaded for others to play and you can play other people’s levels or check out their machines as well.

If you are looking for something different, creative and fun to play, definitely go grab this game. It is also optimized for tablets as well and it is suggested that you have a 600MHz CPU or better and a screen resolution of 800×450 (although smaller screen resolution is fine). It is free to download today on the Amazon App store.

Developer Website: Bithack

Amazon Market Link: Apparatus

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