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This week in World of Midgard: More videos including new mount and high level dungeons!

It is about that time again for another episode of “This Week in World of Midgard” update! As you may be expecting already, as we get closer to the launch of the closed beta, more and more videos are being released. So much so that we have to be selective now.

This update we have an assortment of videos including the (currently) highest level dungeon where all the top gear will be, some more mobs videos and of course, a few boss videos as well. So sit back this morning and enjoy the videos. For those of you curious, the first wave of the closed beta will begin in 12 days.

Catacombs Dungeon Walkthrough video – This will be one of the high level dungeons in-game.

Tomb Dungeon Walkthrough video – This is the highest level dungeon that will be available when the game launches with all the best gear and hardest bosses

Starting Area Walkthrough video – This is the starting area in-game. You also get to see a new mount as well!

Serpahumen Mogul Yerdeni Boss video – Given the long name, I’d be rather angry as well

Skeletal Fighter mob video – Just looks cool

Dark Orc Tyrant Orum Boss video – Just another cool looking boss

Scorpidus Gur prime mob video – More great looking mobs that will be in-game as well.

There you have it for this week. However, there are plenty more new videos over on the World of Midgard YouTube channel if you want to watch them including more mobs and bosses. For all other information, you can head over to the World of Midgard official site.

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