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Android users in Japan prepare for a free Pokemon game coming soon

The Pokemon Company is currently developing a Pokemon game for iOS and Android users in Japan. The game will be an rhythm-action game where you will tap on the Pokemon trading cards in time to the theme song from the actual anime. Pokemon fans can lose our minds if you live in Japan.

Essentially, Pokemon Say Tap? as the game is being called, is like a guitar hero type of game but instead you will be tapping on Pokemon trading cards in time with the music while it is playing. While this is great for anyone who owns an Android or iOS device in Japan, the rest of the world remains left out for now.

Another reason this is some big news? This marks the first move by Nintendo to get into the smartphone game arena. Even though they have the WII U coming out, it seems that the strong gaming market that smartphones carry with them hasn’t slipped by Nintendo’s sight. No word on when, if ever, Pokemon Say Tap? will get translated into English and released worldwide. This will be a free game for those of you who can get it.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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