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Gameloft releases Backstab onto the Android Market with addition device support.

After a nice stint of being exclusive to the Xperia Play, Gameloft has finally let Backstab become available for their usually list of supported Android devices. What may be even better news though is that not only can you buy it from their website, like usual, but it is also available on the Android Market.

It’s good to see Gameloft releasing more and more titles onto the Android Market for people who just do not want to be bothered with their own game store. Backstab has spent a fair amount of time being an Xperia Play exclusive game but now, if you have a device that can play Backstab, it can be all yours. In Backstab you take on the role of Henry Blake who was once a proud officer in the British Navy. Now he is just a broken man.

Think of Backstab as a British version of Assassin’s Creed in terms of gameplay. You will be sneaking around and completing quests. There are also side-quests should you want to go exploring since Backstab is an ‘open world’ game to a fair degree. This means you don’t have to stay on a set course but instead can check out your surroundings at any time and do whatever you like.


  • Discover a blockbuster production with the best graphics, an unprecedented story & endless content.
  • Experience an action-packed adventure with open environments, deep combat, platforming and more.
  • Become a rogue killer with nothing left to live for but vengeance on those who betrayed him.
  • Use agility, strength and cunning to get the drop on your target, eliminate them quickly and escape.
  • Master the combo-based combat system to slay anyone standing between you and your prey.
  • Experience an immersive world through impressive character interactions and lifelike voice effects.
  • Roam across a vast island full of exotic 3D environments like jungles, beaches, a volcano and more.
  • Investigate 4 unique cities to find new quests and secrets.



If you’ve been waiting for this game to drop onto other Android devices then you’ll be pretty happy now. You have two choices when it comes to picking the game up, the Gameloft store or the Android Market. As with any other release onto the Android Market by Gameloft, Backstab will set you back $6.99 or you can pick it up off their store for $4.99.

Thanks to Roger lyons for the tip!

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Backstab

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