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Order and Chaos patch brings playing using 3G to Android

Gameloft’s Order and Chaos MMORPG had had a bit of an update according to our tip that just came in. According to the tip, the most recent update came with an interesting, and undocumented fix regarding connection type and the ability to play on 3G.

Before now you could only play through WiFi or by spoofing 3G signals through WiFi (toggling your WiFi to on would connect you(. Now though, after the most recent update, you are now able to play on normal 3G without having to do that. This is great when you are on the go and can’t afford to sit and hope to find an open WiFi signal while traveling. In the changelog though it simply states “Minor bug fixes”. If you can now play on 3G, let us know! Now all we need is cross-platform servers and we will be good to go.

Thanks for the tip Jason!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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