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Death Worm on sale for a limited time. Eat some humans this weekend.

The original version of Death Worm has been downloaded over 2 million times on iOS and recently it was released onto Android. Now PlayCreek LLC has put the mighty Death Worm on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. Great game to play if you want to take out some pent up anger with having not gotten into the Star Legends beta yet.

In this game you play as the almighty Death Worm which you control and direct to the closest humans, cars, aliens and anything else you can devour. A big plane flying over you with 300+ passengers makes for a good snack.


  • 45 levels on 3 different locations
  • 2 bonus mini-games
  • Explosive survival mode
  • 30 enemy types
  • 3 worm types
  • HD display support!
  • Leaderboards and Achievements!



Death Worm is a pretty entertaining game and it is always fun to play as the bad guy in a game once in awhile and creating havoc and mindless destruction just to get your fill of food. No word on when the sale ends so if you plan on grabbing it, it is best to do so sooner than later.

Thanks Keith for the tip!

Developer Website: PlayCreek LLC

Android Market Link: Death Worm

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