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Amazon free game today July 11th: 180 Ultra – A bust-a-move style game with a twist

Today on Amazon’s App Store for Android, there is another game available for free to download and play. This game, called 180 Ultra, is a bust-a-move style game but features a little bit of a twist in the gameplay. 180 Ultra brings a few new actions into the gameplay to make it a bit more dynamic.

While most games in this genre stick to the typical “shoot a colored object at matching ones and connect 3 or more to remove them”, 180 Ultra also have the “shoot and flip” actions where you can shoot a colored orb at matching ones while flipping others in the hopes to make a bigger clump of the same color. When 3 or more are connected, they are removed from the field.


  • Colorful HD graphics
  • Multiple game modes, characters, and levels
  • 11 statistical categories
  • OpenFeint achievements and online leaderboards
  • No advertisements and all levels unlocked



180 Ultra features a few different gameplay modes: Endless (basically survival mode), Score Attack (get as many points as you can in 90 seconds), Time Attack (clear 250 coins as fast as you can), Drop Attack (allows you to add lines in order to make bigger combos). All comes with three difficulty settings that you can use to test out your skills with. When it comes to flipping the coins (which are the colored orbs), you can see what color they will flip to before you actually go ahead and flip them. This will give you a bit of a better opportunity to plan out bigger combos as well.

You can grab 180 ultra off the Amaon App Store today for free. Should you miss out on grabbing it today, or you don’t have access to the Amazon App store, you can pick it up for $1.99 on either the Amazon App Store or the Android Market.

Developer Website: Headcase Games

Amazon Market Link: 180 Ultra

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