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EA releases official Scrabble game onto the Android Market for free.

Last week we reported on EA Mobile and that the official version of Scrabble would be landing on Android this week. Well it is Monday and EA is on time with their release as Scrabble is now available on the Android Market and features cross-platform multiplayer.

Not only does Scrabble feature cross-platform multiplayer between Android, iOs and Facebook, but you can also save your games via the Cloud thanks to EA’s new revision of their Origin service. Now also geared towards mobile, Origin will act like a Game Center type of feature but more social so you can keep track of your friends and what they are playing. You will also be able to, eventually, buy games from Origin as well for your Android device.


  • CONNECT WITH FRIENDS IN MULTIPLE WAYS – It’s easy to find friends playing SCRABBLE. Connect and play via a username, email address, or send an invitation using your Android smartphone contact list. Post invitations to play via Facebook and email, too!
  • PLAY FRIENDS ACROSS PLATFORMS – With real Cross-Platform Play, you can challenge fellow word warriors on other Android devices, iPhones/iPod touches, and even Facebook*. Play SCRABBLE anytime, anywhere – and with virtually anyone.
  • PLAY UP TO 50 GAMES AT ONCE – Also play against random opponents online and enjoy 2-player Pass ‘N Play (and see your highest scoring choices with the Best Word feature). When you add it all up, you can play up to 50 GAMES at once!
  • TALK A GOOD GAME – Socialize and stay in the game! During gameplay, the chat icon will blink when you have a message. And when you’re not playing, you can get notified when it’s your turn, when a game is created, or when a game ends. (Notification features require OS 2.2 and above. Please upgrade to the latest Android OS for full functionality.)
  • LEARN AS YOU GO WITH THE TEACHER FEATURE – See the best word choice from your previous move with this fan favorite feature. The more you play, the better you get!
  • TRACK YOUR STATS AND SEE HOW YOU DID – At end of the game, check out the highest-scoring word and more. See how your play improves as you become a real SCRABBLE master.



With being able to save to the cloud, you will not only be able to resume any saved games you are currently playing at any time but you will also be able to resume those games on any device that Scrabble is installed on. You can also play up to 50 games at the same time if you like to multi-task. Best of all though, you can go to the Android Market right now and download Scrabble for free!

Side note: People in the UK and other areas may not be able to access this game.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Android Market Link: Scrabble

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