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Game Dev Story 2 and Kairosoft’s plans for future games.

Kairosoft has found a lot of popularity with their ‘story’ games on Android and it comes as no surprise really. Their games are highly addictive and tend to suck the free time you thought you would have away from you, leaving you plastered to your phones screen as you make the next great game or spa.

Well Kairosoft has released a sneak peek at Game Dev Story 2 but what is even more interesting than that is that they have announced how they will be releasing all of their games. This makes life a little easier for all of us fans to know what game will be landing on Android next. How is that possible?

Kairosoft has announced that their plans for future games is simple. They will be translating the games that are already out in Japan from the oldest to the newest. So as the games are released in Japan, we will know the order of their release everywhere else. They have also said to not worry, that all their games will eventually make it to our shores soon which is great news. We can expect a lot more highly addictive games from Kairosoft for the next while still.


Back to Game Dev Story 2 though! They have released a sneak peek at the sequel to the game that made them big on Android and it will come with some pretty interesting new features. While you can expect the same great pixel art and gameplay as found in the first, you will also find in the sequel things like leaderboards and the ability to share employees with friends. Kairosoft is bringing a bit more of a social aspect to their games which is great, especially with the employee sharing.

Unfortunately, Game Dev Story 2 won’t be the next game we see. It will most likely be Department Store Story as it was just released onto the iOS market in Japan. Until then, enjoy the screenshots from the PC version of Game Dev Story 2 and check out Kairosoft’s new Facebook for more information.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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