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AGC2: Round 2 results. Round 3 begins now!

It’s still anyone’s race on the way to winning one of the top prizes in AGC#2. With a little shuffling going on in the ranks, we see the same 5 people this round taking the top 5 spots. Everyone else can still get in to win if you buckle down which could happen considering it’s the weekend!

So without further delay, here are the current point standing:

  1. Name: MJM128 | Total Points: 9pts (tied for 1st)
  2. Name: 0xdiff | Total Points: 9pts (tied for 1st)
  3. Name: Regor412 | Total Points: 6pts
  4. Name: wynalazca | Total Points: 4pts
  5. Name: target1991 | Total Points: 1pts (tied for 5th)
  6. Name: shadow00198 | Total Points: 1pts (tied for 5th)


As you can see there is already a tie for first place and everyone else can still win this if they place higher. It’s the weekend so everyone should have more time to knuckle down and get higher scores! The leaderboard has been reset and this is the beginning of Round 3. This round will end at 2PM PST tomorrow afternoon. Good luck! If you missed out on being a part of AGC#2 have no fear, we are holding two this year so you can get in on that one! Don’t forget, round 2 ends tomorrow at 2pm PST.

Please be sure that you have updated the game to the new version that came out yesterday. Also to help things along, just to be doubly sure that your scores get recorded properly each date, go into Applications Manager in your phones Settings, find Super Drill Panic AGC Edition and clear user data and cache!

Don’t forget to say thanks to our sponsors for this round which include Spacetime Studios, Envizions Inc, Lookout Mobile Security, nVidia, Perfect World Entertainment and OrangePixel!

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