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Google+ Games is growing. Google+ Stream will have Game Center type features

More news coming out right now about Google+ Games and more specifically about Google+ Stream. Google+ Games will be on the way soon and a new find shows that Google+ Stream looks to be evolving into a Game Center type of area where your high scores and other social gaming features will be centralized and shared.

Your Google+ Stream will have a central hub or area for what will most likely be results and scores from social games that will be on Google+ Games. Not only that though, all the API’s for Google+ Games will be available for developers to use, allowing them to connect to Google+ Stream which means that, due to developers being able to use the APIs, that this will have features like iOS has with it’s Game Center soon.

We have been saying that this was on the way since last year back when the Android App Inventor game out in beta and there were some features, not yet implemented, that were regarding communications to and from game servers. Since then we have always believed that Google would make a Game Center type of feature for Android which is definitely a good thing. The help page above however has been pulled and now shows a 404 page instead.

Website Referenced: Slashgear

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