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Destroy Gunners now available for all your Mech blasting needs.

There’s a new Mech game in town going by the name of Destroy Gunners for all you fans of games that have Mechs in them. By Mechs we mean giant robotic suits with big guns that are, usually, driven by humans and often found in futuristic anime shows and movies.

Destroy Gunners brings the madness of Mechs to Android in some excellent 3D visuals and gameplay. It comes with a couple of games modes for you to choose from: Score Attack and Extra Play. As you progress through the game, completing missions which get increasingly harder, you’ll be able to upgrade your chosen mech with more armor and weapons and can customize it with different colors as well. Each Mech that is available also comes with different stats.


  • Multiple game modes
  • Mech customization and upgrades including swapping out parts
  • Power-ups, repairs and ammo/guns throughout the stages
  • OpenFeint Integration with Achievements
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Smooth gameplay and touchscreen controls



Destroy Gunners is pure action arcade gaming for Android and you will need a fairly new, higher-end Android device to run it. However, if you do have a device that can play it, you’re in for a real treat if you like mech arcade games like ExZeus from HyperDevBox. You can test out Destroy Gunners before buying it with the free Lite version which allows you to play one stage in the game modes, some customization and three mechs to choose from. Should you want to purchase the full game which comes with more customization options, all the maps and everything else, it will set you back $10.17.

On a side note, multiplayer in this game would be fantastic if it were to ever come.

Developer Website: Shade INC

Android Market Link: Destroy Gunners SP (full version)

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