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LostWinds series, from WiiWare, will be making the trip to Android soon

You hear a lot of games being ported to Android from iOS usually and the odd one from PC but rarely do we hear about a game from a console coming to Android. Even more rare is the fact that it will be coming from the Wii of all places but that is exactly what LostWinds developer Frontier Developments is doing.

Your controls will be placed on the screen in the form of a virtual joystick for movement and your character, Toku, can create wind when you touch the screen anywhere else. LostWinds is an adventure/platform game (currently the original and a sequel) with some really nice visuals and unique gameplay that came out for the Wii on WiiWare back in 2008. Frontier Developments showcased LostWinds on the iPad a few days ago and said that it will not only becoming to iOS but Android as well.

Both currently existing LostWinds games that are available on the Wii will be ported over to Android but as Frontier boss David Braben commented, these would be the two titles to start with which could mean more additions to the Lostwinds series of gaming could be coming to mobile as well after these two. Both LostWinds games are set to release onto Android and iOS sometime later this year.

Website Referenced: Eurogamer via Joystiq

Developer Website: Frontier Developments

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