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ARMA II: Firing Range THD now available for Tegra 2 Android devices

The newest game to hit Tegra 2 Android devices is out. ARMA II: Firing Range by Bohemia Interactive is a highly detailed 3D firing range game where you can test out all kinds of military weaponry as well as check out the specs for each weapon. That certainly isn’t all though.

ARMA II: Firing Range is more than just a simulation game where you get to shoot some pretty awesome guns. Each firing range all have different goals and styles of shooting that you’ll need to learn. On top of that you can also compete with other players via global highscore boards and achievements.


  • Huge array of high polygon weapons available to examine and try out
  • Several unique firing ranges with customizable game modes
  • Accurate weapon visual, sounds and ballistics
  • Realistic weapon optics
  • Onlinne leaderboards and achievements
  • Two adjustable control modes



While ARMA II: Firing Range won’t be a game that everyone will like, anyone who enjoys a good FPS (first-person shooter) game or just has an interest in all things military and weaponry, will enjoy this game. The entire ARMA series to date have been for PC and console systems so this is a great new addition to that series of games. The price point is pretty solid too. You can pick up ARMA II: Firing Range off the Android Market or Tegra Zone for $1.99.

Developer Website: Arma 2: Firing Range

Android Market Link: ARMA II: Firing Range

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