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The week in World of Midgard news: Non-combat pets coming soon, more videos!

It’s time for another round of This week in World of Midgard MMORPG news. This is our weekly series as we follow the progress and development of the World of Midgard MMORPG for mobile devices that will also be cross-platform as well. In this week’s round-up we have news about new non-combat pets, 2nd round beta and more videos!

So the big news coming out this week are the non-combat pets that will be produced in a limited number (only 1000) and will be available in the third closed beta round. Currently the developers are taking votes on which mobs/bosses players would like as a non-combat pet. These pets will be roughly half the size of your character which is nice. They won’t be too small to enjoy. You can check out the current suggestions over on the official thread regarding non-combat pets.

Speaking of betas, the 2nd round of closed beta testing is planned for sometime near the end of August. Currently World of Midgard is holding their first round pre-beta and already the game looks really good. It will definitely appeal to those who like more realistic eye candy in their games. You can still sign-up to get into one of the rounds of betas by using the sign-up form over on the official website.

Last, but not least, we have a new set of videos for you to enjoy. A couple of mob/boss videos and a new video regarding the ability to swim in the game, literally. So sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Swimming bug video – Swim everywhere including boss fights! Now that’s fun.

Orcon Nabob Skelgh boss video – Just plain weird looking.

Gehen mob video – Like a smaller, less evil version of Satan, without the fire.

Gnoll Mace Fighter mob video – Nice mace. You can also see the Boss version beside it with the shield.

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