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Hidden Gem: Star Rebellion Tower Defense by Gracesoft

Welcome back to another installment of our Hidden Gems series! This particular Hidden Gem came out about a week ago and although it features some pretty high quality graphics and gameplay, the paid version hasn’t even broke 50 downloads which is surprising.

It’s surprising because of how popular tower defense games are that you could make a half-assed tower defense game and see moderate success right now. Gracesoft’s first offering onto the Android Market is Star Rebellion which is a futuristic tower defense game that, at times, feels like you are playing an arcade space shooter more than you are playing a tower defense game. This particular tower defense game has set maps as well as an Open Field map and a Random map mode. Most other tower defense games only adhere to one style of maps whether it’s the set corse type of map or the free flowing maps that are found in games like Robo Defense.


  • 9 types of turret and one type brick to build, 10 levels of upgrade for each tower.
  • Realistic sound effects.
  • Very high-quality graphics.
  • A lot of heavy weapons like Laser, Electric, Missile, E.M.F., plasma MAC, and ect.
  • 22 Achievements and OpenFeint support.
  • 24 maps with 5 difficulty levels with from 30 waves to an unlimited waves to defend.
  • Super big map!
  • Open field Map and Random map Mode.
  • If you feel lag, you can use ‘Menu – Close Antialiased’ to speed up.



Star Rebellion also seems to have more upgrade levels than your standard tower defense game. While most offer 3-5 levels of upgrades for your ‘towers’, Star Rebellion has ten levels that you can upgrade to before you are maxed out on that particular tower. Also with this game you have 24 maps which can be played on one of five difficulties which brings a lot of replay value to this title. The fact you can have a map where there are unlimited waves to defend against (i.e survival mode basically) really pushes the replay value as well.

The types of weapons are also a little refreshing instead of the standard missles, guns, slowing down etc towers you find in just about every tower defense game out whether futuristic or otherwise. Most don’t stray away from being creative with the towers in the game. The theme behind some of the towers in Star Rebellion are similar to others, there are new types in this game that are pretty fun such as the Plasma MAC or the E.M.F.

If you are into tower defense games and like ones that offer more than the average tower defense game that is available out on the Android Market, then Star Rebellion should be one you take a look at. It comes in two flavors of course, a free lite version where you can play a few maps with a few towers or buy the paid full version for $3.99.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Star Rebellion

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