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New Townsmen game heading to Android later this year

Fans of the city building game series Townsmen have some good news today. HandyGames has mentioned to PocketGamer that they are indeed developing a completely new installment into the Townsmen series of games and is being built with smartphones in mind.

This will mean better controls for touch screen of smartphones instead of porting over the java versions into Android and making the user interface around that. This will be a completely new addition to the TOwnsmen series and will take place in the medieval era unlike Townsmen 6. Unfortunately HandyGames wouldn’t go too in-depth regarding what will be coming with the game when it is released but they did say it won’t be called Townsmen 7.

No word just yet on any more specific of a time line as to when this new Townsmen game would be release or for what price although you can expect a free ad supported full version to be available as well when it launches. Either way though, if you like these Settlers-style city building games or the Townsmen series itself, this is great news.

Developer Website: HandyGames

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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