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Age Of Wind 2 Game Review: Life on the High Seas

When I first saw this game, it reminded me of another game I used to play called Tradewinds. I really enjoyed that game, sailing the seas, plundering, trading, battling…well Age of Wind 2 by Galapagos is just as fun. We have been playing this game for weeks and still are not done. I have to fight my sons for time on the game too!

Title: Age of Wind 2 | Developer: Galapagos| Genre: Arcade & Action| Players: 1 | Version: 2.8| Size: 23MB | Price: Free (Lite) | $1.99 (Full)

The premise of the game is very simple. You are captain of ship which is attacked by pirates. Your mission is to get revenge and find out why this happened. During the game, there are specific missions to complete and then over 20 islands you can sail to trade or upgrade.

The first screen you get is like tutorial section, where you learn the controls and options. The one thing we found was that the controls can be a bit hard at first, but once you get used to them, you should not have a problem. Once you complete that “tutorial” mission, then you moved onto your first island.


At each island you can trade goods or upgrade your ship. Trading goods is how you earn money which can be used to upgrade your ship. The three types of ship improvements are:

Guns – increases the power of kernels and slightly reduces the recharge time.
Armor – reduces the chance of the enemy to cause damage to your ship.
Sails – increases the speed of the ship.

Also as you get experience points from completing missions, you can use these to upgrade your ships.

As you work through the missions, you need to upgrade you ship, which means plundering and trading along the way. Some of the mission, could be a bit repetitive but we did not find that to be a major issue. As I stated earlier, we are still not finished with this game, so if you are looking for a game you can play over the long haul this is a great choice!

What else makes Age of Wind 2 a standout game?

  • Great pirate music in the background
  • Ability to have multiple accounts or saved games
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Ability to save game in progress, though it is best to do this when at an island
  • Ship control-you can use the wheel or tilt the screen. We prefer the wheel.
  • A demo version is available so you can try before you buy


So if you are looking for some sailing adventure and a game that will last, I recommend Age of Wind 2. You can get the demo version or the full version from the Android Market. Smooth sailing Captain!


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