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Happy Vikings head to Egypt for more plundering fun

Happy Viking from Handy Games has received an update today which features a whole new world with 30 new levels for you to enjoy and get your plunder on. Apparently they were so happy that they decided to expand into another country to take their riches as well.

Happy Vikings is a unique puzzle game where you control your character, making him run and jump around each stage stacking matching items in order to plunder them. Throughout the game you’ll get power-ups from your Viking Gods in order to help you plunder as much as you can. The new update to Happy Vikings features 30 more levels for you to enjoy if you like stealing and generally being a power hungry viking.


As with all Handy Games available on the Android Market you can play the full version of Happy Vikings for free (ad-supported) or you can buy the full version which has no ads. Of course if you own the game already then all you need to do is update it and get plundering!

Developer Website: Handy Games

Android Market Link: Happy Viking

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