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FIFA 12 will be exclusive to the Xperia Play for a short time

Keeping on with the Xperia Play news this morning, word is out about the upcoming FIFA installment that should be landing on Android soon. FIFA 12 by EA, when it is released, will be exclusive to the Xperia Play for the usual one month time period after which it will be available for all Android devices.

While details about what is improved in the newest addition to the FIFA series of games over the previous ones are not totally clear just yet, we do know when it will be released roughly. Since the Xperia Play exclusive period will be ending Feb. 21, 2012 and usually the exclusive period lasts roughly a month, we can then guesstimate that the release of FIFA 12 will be sometime in mid-January of next year.

Some improvements have been mentioned though at least regarding how it will run on the Xperia Play. FIFA 12 will take full advantage of the fact the Xperia Play can render at 60 FPS (frames-per-second) which will hopefully transfer over to other Android devices when the exclusive period ends. The audio is also said to be getting enhanced for better commentaries and you will also be able to hear things like the crowd chanting.

As more information gets released about FIFA 12 by EA we will be sure to keep all you football fans up-to-date until the game is released.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Website Referenced: Android Community

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