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Minecraft: Pocket Edition now available for the Xperia Play

Gamecon 2011 has just gotten under way and what better way to start it off than by bringing all you Minecraft fans who own an Xperia Play some awesome news. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now available for the Xperia Play on the Android Market. Feel free to lose your minds now.

That’s right the wait is over and the official Minecraft game is now available for owners of the Xperia Play. This will be exclusive to the Xperia Play for a short period of time before making it’s way to other Android devices. In Minecraft you can build whatever you want, fight enemies such as creepers, mine for minerals and all kinds of other stuff. You are only limited by your imagination really.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition comes with pretty much everything that you would find in the PC version of the game in Classic mode. In future updates we will end up seeing things like Adventure expansion as well as full multiplayer (currently you can play multiplayer via LAN) which is planned. For now though it is straight classic Minecraft and there is nothing wrong with that. Minecraft: Pocket Edition comes in two flavors: free demo for you to try out and the full version which will set you back $6.92.

If you are a Minecraft fan and have an Xperia Play, this is a must have. It plays very well on the Xperia Play and makes full use of the controls. Unfortunately the rest of us have to wait a bit before we get to enjoy it.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the tip!

Developer Website: Mojang

Android Market Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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