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Rumor: OnLive for smartphones will head to the HTC EVO 4G first

We already know that OnLive’s game streaming service is heading to Android devices soon thanks to their new Universal Controller. Hell we’ve already planned with it on a Motorola XOOM back during E3 2011. Well there is a rumor floating around GamesCom that the first device to get it is the HTC EVO 4G.

It makes sense though that an HTC device will be getting the service officially first. HTC invested $40 million into OnLive not too long ago and plan to full integrate the service into their future devices so that it will be native to HTC devices. You won’t have to buy or install anything. The HTC EVO 4G is also a good choice due to the size and some of the features it comes with such as the kickstand and large screen which measures 4.3″ in size.

This rumor comes after OnLive dropped hints during a discussion with PocketGamer at GamesCom where the HTC EVO 4G was mentioned as the prime choice for OnLive’s service to debut on. If you want to see OnLive in action on an Android device, check out our hands-on video below with the Universal Controller during E3 which had OnLive streaming onto the Motorola XOOM.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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