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AGN Episode #7: Balls and Bunnies. Now it’s a party!

It’s Monday morning and it’s that time again for another episode of Android Gaming News. In this episode our friend AndroidAtNight goes over the past week of gaming news for Android but unlike other weeks we have a double shot of AGN episodes coming to you today.

So what is in this episode of AGN? Balls… lots of balls. There seemed to be a plethora of games released last week that dealt with balls in one fashion or another but fear not, it’s not completely saturated with balls, only 95% of this episode is. There is also Bloody Bunnies, Sprinkle for Tegra Android devices and Minecraft for the Xperia Play. So sit back with your morning coffee and enjoy Episode #7 of AGN. Episode #8 will air at around 12:00pm PST today as well.

If you want to check out any previous episodes you might have missed you can do so by heading over to AndroidAtNight’s YouTube Channel.

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