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Amazon Free Game Today August 22nd: ZDefense from ZStudio

Amazon has a nice tower defense game up for free today for those of you who can access the Amazon App Store for Android called ZDefense. This game by ZStudio is a nice retro-style tower defense game that is usually priced at $1.99 but for today you can grab it for free.

ZDefense uses a playing field with hexagon shaped spaces, similar to that of what’s found in tactical RPG style games but overlays that with some retro-style glowy graphics which are always nice. However, ZDefense comes with some features that you don’t usually find in a tower defense game.


  • Play a tough tower defense game with dazzling, geometric graphics
  • Defend an exit from enemies coming from all directions
  • Create your own boards with a full map editor
  • Select from 3 game modes: Easy, Normal, and Extreme
  • Take screen captures of your game



While ZDefense is your standard tower defense game in terms of gameplay where you have towers you place around the field along the path of enemies except you’ll have to create the paths that enemies take at times, similar to Myth Defense or Robo Defense. All towers can be upgraded and have different effects to help stop the enemies getting to the exit. However, ZDefense also comes with a native screenshot feature where you can take screenshots of your games. Why would you want this? Probably because ZDefense also comes with a built-in map editor where you can create your own maps to challenge yourself with.

You can pick up ZDefense off the Amazon App Store for Android today for free but if you miss out it will cost you $1.99 after today. If you don’t have access to the Amazon App Store for Android then you can grab ZDefense off the Android Market for $2.99 or try out the free lite version.

Developer Website: ZStudio

Amazon Market Link: ZDefense

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