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Shoot the Birds by Infinite Dreams lands on the Android Market

Last week we reported on a new game coming from our friends over at Infinite Dreams called Shoot the Birds. For once the birds take a bit of damage this time instead of being the heroes and it’s your jobs to shoot as many of them as you can while wearing a pumpkin on your head.

Shoot the Birds is a survival-style game where you want to shoot as many birds as you can and survive as many waves of birds as possible. Just aim your crossbow and begin shooting at the birds as they fly by. There are different types of birds to shoot and if your aim is spot on you’ll be raking in the multipliers to really get your score high.


  • Nice Graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • OpenFeint integration
  • Your head is a pumpkin



So if you’re sick of the birds being the heroes and want to extract a little revenge on them, then you might want to check out this nice little casual game from Infinite Dreams. You can download Shoot the Birds off the Android Market for $1.14. To see the game in action you can check out the trailer below.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

Android Market Link: Shoot the Birds

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