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Hidden Gem: Blasted Thieves – A unique tower defense game

Blasted Thieves is a neat little tower defense game developed by Cyan Canyon which was release about ten days ago onto the Android Market. Aside from the fact this game is overlooked on the Android Market right now and actually has some deep gameplay features, the developers also have quite the sense of humor.

Blasted Thieves has you protecting your treasure from Vikings who are intent on taking said treasure from you. You have plenty of towers you can use to help with this feat but you’ll have to survive a total of 2500 waves in campaign mode. There is also an endless mode you can play as well.

Graphically, Blasted Thieves uses flat 2D graphics instead of trying to feed you eye candy which, in this case, works fairly well for the game. Even though they are 2D, they do have a fair amount of detail to them and they do look pretty nice. The focus is more on gameplay though and depth of that gameplay. So with that said, let’s get into the gameplay!


In Blasted Thieves you have to deal with waves of enemies to kill that follow a set path. Not all follow a set path though such as the airborne ones. This means you’ll be placing your towers around the path in order to stop then like most tower defense games but elsewhere as well to deal with enemies that don’t follow a set path. There are a total of 10 towers currently available in Blasted Thieves which all can be upgraded up to 6 levels. There are also four researches for each tower with one final specialized research after that as well. This brings up a lot of possible combos for towers to use.

There are a total of 25 levels across 6 realms in Blasted Thieves and there are 15 different types of thieves to deal with. There is also that endless mode which you can try out to see how long you last but the campaign mode is definitely a challenge, especially in the later levels.

The researches are where this game gets ahead of the pack as there really are not many that have this sort of system in place. Only a couple of the newest tower defense games do and most of them are limited by the number of towers to less than 5. This games has 10 towers plus all the upgrades and the researches at your disposal. That means there is more than one combination you can use to complete each stage so the replay value is definitely there.

If you are looking for a good tower defense game and don’t need the 3D eye candy, this would be one to check out. You can download it off the Android Market for $1.99 and currently, after ten days on the Android Market, this game only has 10-50 installed but all the ratings are 5 stars. You will also want to read the description of the game on the Android Market, definitely some good humor in it that will make you chuckle.

Full review of Blasted Thieves coming soon!

Developer Website: Cyan Canyon

Android Market Link: Blasted Thieves

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