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Be Very Quiet, I am Hunting Rabbits… er… Bloody Bunnies that is.

A new game has bounced onto the Android Market- Bloody Bunnies. If that title does not make you stop and think, we are not sure what would. How could a cute little bunny be bloody?

Title: Bloody Bunnies | Developer: Mentalwarp Games | Genre: Arcade & Action | Players: 1-4 | Version: 1.0 | Size: 38 MB | Price: Free |

The overall goal of the game is pretty simple, control your bunnies by hoping around the screen and smashing the other bunnies! Easier said than done. On the app market page and when you first download the game, you get the message, “This game is designed for a smooth multiplayer experience over a local WiFi. This game is designed for OpenGL ES 2.0 enabled devices.”

Also each time you start the game, it takes a bit of time to load up; WiFi or 3G, it did not matter. Not sure if this is something that will be fixed in an update.

Some of the basics of the game:

  • Smooth graphics
  • Pleasant music (not too loud or over-powering)
  • OpenFeint
  • Choice of controls
  • Ability to turn blood on or off. (It is not that bloody anyway)
  • Remove ads with in app purchase


When you start the game, you have two choices, either create a game or play online.

Within the create a game section, there are 4 options:

  • Carrot hunt – you have to collect 5 carrots to win. As you are collecting the carrots the other bunnies are going to try and stop you. If you get hit, you lose your carrots and have to start over.
  • Deathmatch – simply crush the other bunnies
  • Survival – you are alone and start with 3 hearts and 1 opponent. Crush that opponent and move on to the next round with an added heart and opponent; so the next level has 2 opponents, then after that 3 and so on
  • Custom game – When you upgrade to the pro version, you can unlock this mode


After you pick your game type, you can select from four maps: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

When playing online, you can create or search for games. When searching, there are numerous options you can use to help narrow down what you are looking for:

  • Time limit
  • # of human players
  • # of computer players
  • Carrot hunts
  • Deathmatches
  • IP address (One of the nice features of the game is you can search for friends and play head to head.)


When I tried to play the game over 3G alone, it would not let me. Using a trick I got from another game, I turned on the WiFi, but did not connect and was able to then play over 3G. The game play was ok but is better over WiFi. You have 2 options in how you control your bunnies, either arrows or a joystick. I liked the arrows but you will need to try both to see which you prefer.  The game is free with a small banner ad on the screen but if want to remove that you can either make an in app purchase of $1.14 or collect 10 free Tappoints. You collect Tappoints by downloading and installing other games to try out.

Overall  Bloody Bunnies is a fun game, easy to pick up and start, and definitely created to play with others online. When you upgrade the game, you will also get the ability to have 2 players on a single device, advanced difficulty levels as well as custom games. So if you like hopping around like a cute little bunny while trying to crush your opponent, give Bloody Bunnies a try.


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