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Friday Morning Awesomeness: Minecraft Mini-game Madness and more [NSFW]

We haven’t done a “Awesomeness” post in a couple of weeks but over the past 24 hours some videos have come to light that, considering the complexity of what was built, is just stunning to say the least. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is already out for the Xperia Play while the rest of us Android devices owners has a little longer to wait.

With that said, we at times post Minecraft news since it is related to Android gaming, especially since Minecraft: Pocket Edition will get plenty of updates over the next few months. However, the Xperia Play version does have full creative mode so these are possible to build inside the game. Also you can import Minecraft maps into MineBuilder as well should you want to try some of these out. So what the hell am I babbling on about? Mini-games in Minecraft!

In the first video we will see three mini-games, fully functional ones, that were built inside Minecraft. These games are Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4 and Rock Paper Scissors. In the second video, if your mind isn’t completely shot after watching the first one, you will see a computer built inside Minecraft that plays… well… Minecraft. Basically now all we need is someone to successfully divide by zero and end everything. Warning: First video has a fair amount of swearing in it so not really safe for work.

Highly recommend you enjoy this with some morning coffee.

Websites Referenced: YouTube | Escapist

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