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Call of Duty app announced for Android at XP 2011

Over the weekend XP 2011 was taking place and during this event the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 team announced that an app is being built for those of you who are truly addicted to the game and can’t stop thinking about the best possible set-ups to use in multiplayer.

The app will let you change out or modify gear and weapons in the actual game itself. This means you can change out guns and set up a new combination of weapons and gear while on your way home on the bus or at work. When you get home to play, all the changes will be there so you can just jump right in and start killing people. Even though you will be logging into the game to do this, you won’t be able to play the game on your phone, just make the changes to gear.

To access your in-game items, you just need to use your log-in credentials and that’s it! Elite subscription users however will be getting more content out of this new app than free users although what exactly that content is remains to be seen. No word on an exact launch date but the app will be available for free on the Android Market when it does get released.

Website Referenced: Gamepro via Phandroid

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