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Escape from Rock Island zombie survival RPG coming this Fall

Number Eleven Road just formed up and already have a game under development called Escape from Rock Island. This game will be a zombie survival RPG title where you will play as one of the few survivors after the end of the world happens and the dead begin to rise back up for a snack of living human flesh.

However, you are not the lone survivor and as you come across other people who have managed to survive this long, they look to you for leadership. Some will turn out to be a great benefit while others will turn out to hinder you in the long run. It’s an interesting sounding concept especially if this idea of party members ending up hindering you is true.

Features: (subject to change):

  • Choose from 9 different classes for your character, each with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Encounter up to 100 individual NPC’s with individual tracking of over 8 statistics
  • Assign your party members to specialized teams to maximize their individual strengths
  • Manage your party’s statistics, inventory and combat readiness using the simple yet extensive management tools
  • Send scout teams ahead of the main party for recon missions
  • Assign a scavenger team to look for items your party needs
  • Find a CB radio and communicate with others trying to escape Rock Island
  • Participate in both story quests and random quests
  • Interact with other parties on the island
  • Trade items with other parties (if they consider you “friendly”)
  • Discover multiple paths to escape the island – choose the path with the best chance of success for your party
  • Name your successor – in the event that you die, you may get the opportunity to choose to name a successor to lead the party – and the game continues! Fight to the last man if you so desire!
  • Immerse yourself in deep gameplay – much deeper than most smartphone games, but still tailored for short play sessions


Another neat feature is the “Name a Successor” option which happens when you die in the game. You’ll be able to name a person in your party to take over leading it and you will be able to continue to play. Of course if you run out of people then it’s game over. So far there are no screenshots yet of Escape from Rock Island so we have no idea as to what it will look like or how the menus/controls will be set up.

Escape from Rock Island is slated for a Fall 2011 release with no word yet on pricing either.

Developer Website: Number Eleven Road

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