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FluffyCraft physics-based puzzle game coming to Android this September.

Gameccino has released footage of their upcoming physics puzzle game called Fluffycraft which is due out on Android later this month. FluffyCraft has you placing objects in various areas on each stage in order to get the big fluffy ball with eyes to the smaller fluffy balls with eyes that are in need of help.

You will be provided all the needed items in order to complete this task each stage. You will have to get your big fluffy guy around obstacles and over to the little ones in order to save them. Each stage has a 3-star rating system which depends on how well you clear the stage. FluffyCraft is definitely a neat concept considering you get to interact and change around the elements in each stage instead of the stage layout being static.

You can expect to find FluffyCraft on the Android Market sometime this month and it will be available for free. Check out the video to see early footage of the game in action.

Developer Website: Gameccino

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