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New official trailer for Sonic CD. Shows off Sega’s porting skills.

Just a little over a week ago we reported on the fact that Sega will be bringing Sonic CD to numerous platforms including mobile. This also meant that we would be getting Sonic CD onto the Android platform as well. However, when we originally reported on it, there were no trailers or pictures available.

Sega has finally released an official trailer for the upcoming port of Sonic CD and if you’ve ever played the original version, you will know this wasn’t one of the best Sonic games out there. It is still nice to get at least one title though onto Android and hopefully we will see Sega bringing over others as well. Until Sonic CD is released though, we get to enjoy this official trailer below.

No exact date or price has been announced for Sonic CD. On the bright side though, it will come with the original Japanese soundtrack!

Developer Website: Sega

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