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Madfinger Games upcoming beast of a game, Shadowgun, gearing up for release?

Madfinger Games’ upcoming console-quality game called Shadowgun looks to be nearing a release onto Android soon. Today the developers announced the release date for the iOS version of Shadowgun, coming out on Sept 28th, with the Android version for dual- and quad-core devices after that.

During various shows throughout the year such as E3 2011, we have got to test out Shadowgun a different points in it’s developed. Each time was more of a treat then the previous hands-on. For those of you unfamiliar as to what Shadowgun is, this will be an OTS (Over the shoulder) shooter with not only some fantastic gameply but all the eye candy you could want. You will be playing as John Slade who is a bounty hunter with the simple job of infiltrating the heavily guarded mountain base of Dr. Edgar Simon.


From the sounds of things, our friends at Madfinger Games just have some more testing to do with Shadowgun before it is released onto Android according to their Twitter account. The reason for the later release onto Android? There is just more devices that they need to test it on compared to iOS. Shadowgun is slated for release on Tegra 2 Android devices after the Sept 28th launch on iOS. How much later that is remains to be seen but hopefully not that long. Future Kal-El Android device owners will be happy to know that Shadowgun will also be optimized for that quad-core beast as well.

Until we get to play with it though, we will have to settle for four new screenshots and a trailer. You can also check out our hands-on with Shadowgun at E3 2011 on our YouTube channel.

Developer Website: Madfinger Games

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