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Crime Story from Game Insight now available for all you mafia lovers

Last month we reported on a new game coming from Game Insight called Crime Story. While Game Insight may not be a familiar name to you, chances are you’ve heard about or played their previous games on the Android Market such as Paradise Island.

Crime Story is an empire building game of a darker nature where you will be starting off as a grunt in the world of crime trying to build up your name and reputation until you run the city and all of it’s crime. You’ll have minor crime you can do while as a grunt which will increase in severity as your ranking in the crime world does. As we mentioned in our previous post, this is how crime games such as Mafia Wars should have been made.


  • Captivating global plot
  • A huge number of quests united by a single exciting storyline
  • Widest range of challenging tasks connected to emergence of other gangs’ representatives
  • Diverse mini-games: from a break-in to card cheating
  • Every Boss in the game has unrepeated character and behavior. They are created with attention to every detail and are amusingly well animated
  • Interaction with local Police that influences the gameplay
  • Raising the profile in the eyes of powerful gangs by making new tattoos
  • Opportunity to accumulate and refill life resources while absence in the game
  • User-friendly interface, bright 3D graphics, and smooth animation
  • Ads free



Main game objectives:

  • Find your brother
  • Conquer the town
  • Eliminate your enemies with force or cunning
  • Make tattoos to raise your profile
  • Seize new locations
  • Establish business relations


While Crime Story doesn’t have the MMO aspect of other crime games like Mafia Wars, it does have everything else and more and as an added bonus, there’s actual animation and graphics like a real video game instead of being a text-based title like Mafia Wars and other games. You can grab Crime Story off the Android Market for free and be that criminal you’ve always wanted to be. Feel free to check out the official trailer below.

Developer Website: Game Insight

Android Market Link: Crime Story

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