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Fruit Ninja clone, Monster Warrior, coming to Android soon

Sparkin’ Apps has announced that it will be bringing it’s Monster Warrior game over to Android soon. Monster Warrior is a Fruit Ninja style game where you have to slide monster heads as they come onto your screen using swipe gestures similar to Fruit Ninja.

While the basic game mechanics for Monster Warrior are just like those of Fruit Ninja, it does come with four different gameplay modes. While some are similar to Fruit Ninja as well, others are different bringing a bit of a different type of game for you to play.


  • 4 modes (Arcade, Freestyle, Survival, Task)
  • Stylish and exciting 3D graphics, visual effects and animation
  • Funny, stylish soundtrack and sound effects
  • Social media integration – Gain a bonus monster from posting your top score to Facebook
  • Family friendly gameplay featuring a fun slashing mechanic


While you are slashing the heads of monsters as they appear on the screen you will want to keep an eye out for the bunny monster heads. You don’t want to slash those as they work just like the bombs in Fruit Ninja do and your game will be over. While the iOS version comes with Game Center support, chances are that will be switched to OpenFeint in the Android version since there will be achievements you can earn as well.

No word just yet on when it will land on the Android Market, only that it will be soon. If it follows the iOS pricing, it will cost $0.99 when it comes out.

Developer Website: Sparkin’ Apps

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