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Glu updates Eternity Warriors, adds tons of content

Probably the most significant update since the games’ release, we take a look at what Glu Mobile has today added to one of their most exciting games in their huge line-up of games on the Market.

Eternity Warriors has added new daily quests that support your friends online and reward you for doing them daily, a new arena to fight in for a new resource that you can use on in-game weapons and armor (with new abilities).

The arena area allows players to bet on their battle-worthiness to earn more medals. Higher difficulties also earns more medals for each wave you complete. Playing these daily quests with friends from Facebook earns more rewards in the form of medals, jewels, and coins. New achievements all relate to the newly added arena, shield attacks and daily quests.

Also New Are:

  • Shields with parry moves
  • Buying items from your inventory during gameplay.
  • New daily quests
  • New achievements
  • Quest board
  • Arena area
Android Market: Eternity Warriors


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