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MadFinger Games upcoming title, Shadowgun, gets a pretty epic trailer

There are plenty of us waiting for the official release of MadFinger Games’ upcoming OTS (Over the shoulder) shooter called Shadowgun which not only features some great gameplay but a plethora of eye candy to enjoy as well. We now can enjoy the official trailer for Shadowgun which is pretty awesome.

Built using Unity3D, Shadowgun is MadFinger Games’ newest title gearing up for release on iOS on September 28th with the Android version following shortly afterwards. You will be playing as John Slade who has been hired to infiltrate Dr. Edgar Simon’s mountain fortress which is heavily populated with mutants, killer machines, bosses and much more. Shadowgun has some pretty nice game mechanics as well such as ducking behind objects for a bit more of a console style game than your standard shooter.

We have played this game a couple of times at events like E3 and can attest to it’s level of badass-ness. There will be both a Tegra 2 and Kal-El version of this game available. So enough from us, enjoy the trailer.

Developer Website: MadFinger Games

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