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Pocket Legends update brings new user interface, new Demonic Glyph gear and more.

Our friends over at Spacetime Studios have released a new content patch (version 1.7.3 to be exact) that brings with it an overhauled user interface, new vanity, new level 60 craftable Demonic Glyph gear and a lot more. The update is now live so be ready to get the update.

Aside from the level 60 Demonic Glyph craftable armor the big news for a lot of players is the overhauled user interface for better gameplay. Some people are going to need to get used to this new layout, especially veteran players who are used to the old one. Here is a list of everything in the content update:

  • Added new crafted legendary Demonic Glyph items
  • Streamlined game play user interface
  • Added the Spacetime Nexus, for all things Spacetime!
  • The Continue button in the lobby will now take you to whatever PvE dungeon you were in last.
  • The Fallen Prince in Nuri’s will now swap an old Crown of Persistence for a vanity Crown of Persistence.
  • Wearing the vanity Crown of Persistence with the Shield of the Hallows grants an item set bonus.
  • The Crown of Persistence and Shield of the Hallows will also be used for future set bonuses when worn with elite items from future campaigns. The more items collected the better the set bonuses.
  • Beckon skill description will now display damage values for different ranks.
  • The name generator should now attempt to generate shorter names and no longer generates names that fail the content filter
  • Renamed a few of the items that are crafting components with their level until the next client update where they can be part of the UI
  • Updated Deal of the Day screens
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the Forest Haven Forge: Burke the Blacksmith’s DAILY crafting quests are currently undergoing maintenance and are temporarily unavailable. This means that the following repeatable quests given through NPC Burke the Blacksmith in Forest Haven Towne are currently DISABLED and scheduled to return in a few weeks:
    • “Dead Threads”
    • “Da Craftin’ Code”
    • “Lucky Leather”
    • “Obvious Troll”
    • “Weak Links”
    • “My Plate is Empty”
    • “Crystal Skull”


So there you have it! Plenty of changes, new content and fixes in this latest update for Pocket Legends, just in time for the weekend for everyone to play.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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