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Luma Studios developing a Triple-A title for Android called Bladeslinger

Following the news of one triple-A title coming to Android, Shadowgun, comes another title called Bladeslinger from Luma Studios. If you take Red Dead Redemption and meshed it together with Infinity Blade then you will have an idea of what Bladeslinger will be like.

This new Triple-A title is also built using Unity3D and is set in the Wild West where you will be controlling the hero of the game who uses a combination of magic and guns to destroy a slew of rather ugly looking aliens. Your character uses a special deck of cards when dealing with enemies and similar in style to some other games like Runes, you will need to trace a pattern on your screen, similar to what you do with your lock screen, in order to cast your spells or attack.


Currently in Alpha stage of development, Bladeslinger is already looking pretty damn impressive already so this will definitely be one game to watch for. Check out the preview trailer below to start drooling over this game now.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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