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Two new Tegra 2 games coming in October, Shadowgun and Hockey Nations 2011 THD

Well everyone with a Tegra 2 device can start getting excited as two new games have shown up inside the Tegra Zone app for Android, both with a release slated for sometime in October. Shadowgun by Madfinger Games and Hockey Nations 2011 THD from Distinctive Developments.

Both are big named games depending on what genre of gaming you prefer. Shadowgun is the highly anticipated Gears of War style gaming coming from Madfinger Games, developers of the popular Samurai II: Vengeance title for Android as well.

Shadowgun, developed solely with Unity3D, is an over-the-shoulder action shooter where you will be playing as John Slade who has been hired to infiltrate Dr. Edgar Simon’s mountain fortress which is heavily populated with mutants, killer machines, bosses and much more. It comes complete with all the gameplay mechanics that you would find in a console game in this genre including ducking behind objects, a variety of weapons and more. All of this comes wrapped up in some impressive eye candy for you to enjoy.

Hockey Nations 2011 THD is the newest hockey game from popular sports game developers Distinctive Developments. You will have a selection of 18 international teams to pick from or you can play as your favorite local team as it also comes with 40 city teams to choose from and customize. Distinctive Developments uses stop-motion animation from real players all wrapped up in 3D graphics. Along with that you’ll have 6 game modes to choose from and also the ability to fight it out with other players, literally.

Both games are slated for release in October 2011 so keep your eyes here as we will be sure to announce when either game becomes available for purchase.

Developer Websites: Madfinger Games | Distinctive Developments

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