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More information about upcoming Triple-A title Bladeslinger

We’ve found a bit more information regarding this awesome looking Triple-A title coming to Android soon called Bladeslinger by Luma Arcade. First on the list is that this will be a Tegra 2 optimized game from what we understand although other devices may see a version of it available as well.

The second note on the list is that even though this game is currently in the Alpha stage of development, Luma Arcade is stating that Bladeslinger will indeed be released sometime in Q4 2011 which is a lot closer of a release time than we thought Bladeslinger would have considering it’s early in development.

In case you missed our story from yesterday, the best way to describe Bladeslinger is a mesh up of Red Dead Redemption and Infinity Blade. You can check out more details in that article but in the meantime, here is the preview trailer again to drool over a little more.

Website Referenced: Marketwire

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