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Hit indie game, World of Goo, announced for Android, dubbed GooDroid

2D Boy has announced today that their popular game, World of Goo, will be heading to Android in the very near future. Apparently this has been in the works for some time as the Android version, GooDroid, is already in the final stages of testing and bug fixes.

World of Goo is a physics-based puzzle / construction game where you have to get the Goo Balls to the exit on each stage. The Goo Balls wants to explore but they don’t know how to get to where they want to explore, this is where you come in. This is sort of like a Lemmings-style game but based around physics and construction instead of a continuous stream of walking, suicidal animals. This will be the full game only geared towards Android devices.

After the last few kinks are worked out, it will be released onto the Android Market so everyone can play with Goo while on the go. No word yet on pricing but due to the popularity of this game on other platforms, we could see it as a free game with ads which a lot of big games do. That’s our guess anyways. We will be sure to announce the moment it hits the Android Market and it will support both phones and tablets.

Developer Website: 2D Boy

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