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Shhh… The Silent Age is coming to Android in 2012

House of Fire is developing a great looking game for Android (and iOS) called The Silent Age that is heading our way soon. Described as a minimalist point-and-click game, you will be traveling through time between present day and 1971 to solve puzzles.

While you are traveling through time to solve these puzzles, you will be collecting items which you can bring with you in your time traveling adventure. You will need items from period in order to solve puzzles in the other which could lead to some pretty interesting challenges. The game gets it’s minimalistic concept from the graphics that it comes with that give off a rather dark lonely feel to it at times. It could even get a bit downright eerie if you happen to be playing it in the dark.


House of Fire has said that this game will be available sometime in the beginning 2012 and will be available for $0.99 when it’s released. You can check out a bit of a preview trailer below to get a feel for the mood of the game. Unfortunately there is no gameplay in the preview so we can only hope it will play as good as it looks.

Website Referenced: DIYGamer

Official Game Website: The Silent Age

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