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SPECULATION: Amazon’s Appstore will attract developers galore, grow 10 fold because of Fire


You’ve heard it here first folks, Amazon’s Appstore will explode with a high quality, and low cost tablet entering the fray and using its marketplace exclusively. Amazon will redesign the store for every device (speculation) and make it nicer to look at in addition to its rush of new content.

The store will be used ten fold as tens of millions of tablets launch on pre order day. Amazon has the pure advertising power that it needs to kill the rest of the Android tablet market, and an unbeatable price (please prove us wrong manufacturers). Something no other tablet manufacturing company can do. I can’t help but link the two together and come up with an improved Appstore. Games will launch exclusively on the Amazon Appstore compatible with the form factor and device mentioned. As long as Amazon uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread the developer community will be split between two tablet markets for Android: the popular one, or the up to date and expensive one. The Kindle Fire has reportedly reached 95,000 pre-orders already.

The question is, will you buy a device like the Fire without the original Android Market in hopes that this happens? or do you wait it out for Honeycomb manufacturers with Google’s grace finally drop their prices? (like we’ve already seen with the HTC Flyer 7 inch tablet)


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