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CryTek looking at Flash support now, says cross-platform solution on the way

Just two days ago we announced that Unreal Engine is now supporting Flash 11 officially. While this already is some great news, CryTek has now come out to make sure that if you aren’t excited over that then perhaps you will be once you hear that they are investigating supporting Flash with CryEngine 3 as well.

Are we surprised at this news? A little but it suddenly makes sense of those job openings that mention Android development experience as a requirement. CryTek has mentioned, aside from the Flash support, that along with the support for Flash that they will reveal a truly cross-platform solution soon. If you don’t think the Flash/Unreal Engine marriage isn’t geared towards mobile and need further proof, CryTek is planning this support to go mobile as well.

“It is an interesting approach we’ve been investigating as well,” Carl Jones, director of global business development for CryEngine, said of Epic’s announcement. “We’re developing a unifying technology to create high quality social and gaming experiences on all platforms including browser, smartphones, tablets, etc. We hope to be able to tell you more about it soon when we present our truly cross-platform solution.”

So if you are holding out onto your excitement about all this Flash related news, you can let it all out now. This could be a start to a nice little race between Epic and CryTek to start getting Flash games out for all platforms including Android before the other one does.

Website Referenced: Joystiq

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