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Gameloft drops Let’s Golf 3 onto the Android Market for free for all you golf lovers out there.

Gameloft’s rather popular series of golf games called Let’s Golf has had it’s third installment, aptly named Let’s Golf 3, released onto the Android Market for free. This is the second game from Gameloft to land on the Android Market for free with the first being GT Racing: Motor Academy.

Let’s Golf 3 continues the series will all new golf courses for you to try and conquer against your opponents. It also comes with more character customization and the ability to purchase special skills for your character to use which can be done by earning virtual coins in-game.


  • Travel to six of the most far-out locations you’ve ever played, from the Great Wall of China to Outer Space!
  • Each course is created in 3D so you’ll see every beautiful waterfall, lush forest and distant green as if you were immersed in an adventure.
  • Up to 4 golfers can compete in fun matches online and locally (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). By popular request, you can also play on the same device!
  • Your friends are not online? Challenge them to beat your score and see who will win the top prize.
  • Chat live during your online games.
  • Invite all your friends to join the Golf Club via Facebook, Gameloft LIVE!, email and more.
  • Watch your opponent’s turn during a match! (Feature only available for certain devices.)
  • Create your unique golfing avatar from thousands of combinations of clothes, hair, gear and more to match your style, no matter how colorful or down-to-Earth.
  • Purchase special skills (like increased range or accuracy for your shots) or balls with special powers (like Tornado, Luck, etc.) using virtual coins you can earn in-game.
  • Progressively unlock new modes: Stroke Play, Match Play, Shootout, and Close to Pin.
  • Need a change of pace? Play some challenging mini-games like Catch the Star, Target Range and Putting Master to hone specific skills and become a champion of the links.



There is actually a lot more to do in Let’s Golf 3 than in previous installments into the series. It does feature multiplayer with up to four player going against each other on any of the courses available. An interesting features though is that if your friends are not online and you want to play against them, you can complete a course and send them a challenge to beat your score when they do log on. It also comes with live chat during multiplayer games and, if your device supports it, you can watch your opponents as they take their turns.

Overall Let’s Golf 3 is a big improvement over the previous two games and the fact it’s available on the Android Market for free is a steal. So if your device is supported, head on over to the Android Market and grab it, especially if you’re a fan of the series itself.

Note: There is one downside to Let’s Golf 3 and that is Gameloft has added a Stamina feature. What this means is you can only play a certain amount of holes per day, 10 to be exact as you get 10 stamina points and each hole costs 1 stamina point. It refreshes every day so you get another 10 stamina points or you can buy more stamina through in-game purchases.

Thanks to ME , Freeze and Joseph for the heads up.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Let’s Golf 3

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