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OpenFeint brings it’s game discovery app, Game Channel, to Android

OpenFeint has been working full steam ahead when it comes to adding new features to their social tools that developers can use in their games. This new announcement, however, isn’t so much of a tool for them to use in their games as it is for them to get exposure for their games.

Originally only available on iOS, it was actually quite successful in terms of helping with game discovery. Now OpenFeint has brought their Game Channel over to Android to do exactly the same thing, help developers get their games discovered by Android gamers.



  • Featured GameOpenFeint will highlight one premiere game, ensuring high visibility among gamers for an extended period of time.
  • Free Game of the Day: Following the successful free-game-per-day model on Game Channel for iOS, Game Channel for Android will feature new free-to-play games each day. Most games will include free in-app items, creating a big incentive for players to download new titles.
  • Curated Game Lists:  OpenFeint will highlight top Android games to make game discovery easy for gamers. Lists will change based on player feedback, but will include categories such as:
    • Free Games That Rock: Featuring traditional or free-to-play mobile game that OpenFeint recognizes as high quality or particularly unique.
    • Feint’s Featured Picks: Highlighting games, including premium priced titles, that are highly recommended by OpenFeint.
    • New Games that We Love: Calling out exceptional games released in the past 30 days.
    • Seasonal and Promotional Selections: Displaying a rotating list that changes with seasons, holidays, and select themes.
  • Find what’s hot AND available now in the Android Market
  • Get direct access to your OpenFeint profile in Game Channel
  • Connect with friends, meet new ones, and compete through one-touch access


So if you’re up for discovering new OpenFeint enabled games and trying them out, you may want to grab this neat application from OpenFeint. It’s available free on the Android Market.

Developer Website: OpenFeint

Android Market Link: Game Channel

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